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One of the most empowering and gratifying decisions a curly can make is to stop resenting or bemoaning their uniqueness and start embracing their natural hair. How beautiful are each and every one of our twists, coils, swaves, and waves? We love you and your curls, and we want you to do the same ♡

We created the Curly Hair Blog to make space for curl love, support, encouragement, and of course, insider-tips. After all, the world taught you to hide your curls, but we exist to teach you to love them.

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Don’t be Scared! 3 Tips to Refresh your Curls

curly hair refresh day seveen

Don’t be Scared! 3 Tips to Refresh your Curls Ah, the holy grail of refreshing your hair. The key to living a carefree, wake-up-and-go curl life. Maybe you’re a refresh pro (look at you and your seven-day curls!) or perhaps this is your first time hearing the term “refresh” (wait… you don’t have to wash your curls every morning?!). Either way, we’ve got the steps for you to master the art of refreshing to gain back precious minutes in your getting ready routine. Winning! Look at you & your 7-day curls! So, what is refreshing exactly? For curlies that have not yet heard, refreshing is the practice of using as little time, tools, and product as possible to reshape and maintain your curls well after wash day. In essence, it’s getting more wear from your hair to avoid starting from scratch every morning (or afternoon/night, whatever your schedule is!). You, […]

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Curl Care Questions: What is Moisture?

Y’all – listen up! Moisture is literally just water. That’s right, any form of water is hydrating and, if we’re being real (we are), it’s the only truly natural source of hydration that will replenish your hair and body. For curlies, the hydration that affects us most is the dew point. Surprise! Can you believe it’s not the humidity? Truth is, dew point and humidity are in fact connected, but let’s explore the nitty gritty of getting you and your curls juicy and moisturized, living your best life.

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Post-Summer Curl Care Tips

summery curls curl boutique sunflowers

Chlorine from swimming pools and salt water from our beloved Maine beaches can wreak some serious havoc on your delicate curls. From the Curl Boutique team, here are a few tips to recover from summer fun, and help your curls stay happy, healthy, and ready for any season!

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For the Love of All Things Texture!

how to get beach curls

Have you ever come home from a classic Maine beach day and loved the way salt, sun, and water gave you that tousled, tropical look? Perhaps you wake up with your second (or third, or fourth, or fifth…) day curls and love that undone, natural look? Or maybe it’s even been a particularly windy day and your hair has that beautiful, imperfectly-perfect style? Well, say hello to products the Curl Boutique considers as tried and true to help you achieve that chic-yet-carefree, summery style (including how-tos and more)!

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A Love Letter to Curly Mamas

curly hair mother

Most of us got our curls from our mamas. Some of us are mamas that have passed on curls to our little ones. Maybe you have stepped in to be a mama to a curl. Whatever kind of curly mama you are, this love letter is to you.

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Hair Growth Cycles and Your Curls

healthy hair growth curls

“How can I grow my hair faster?” Most of us have experienced a haircut taken too short followed by the immediate desire to grow it out; as curlies, we’ve been there, too! In an effort to salvage our curls, we exhaust our Google search and rely on odd “quick fixes” from Youtube to get our locks to “grow faster.” We’ve seen hair growth remedies ranging from DIY cocktail masks with eggs and other *interesting* foods, to scalp massages with Monistat, (we wish we were kidding!).

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Celebrating Women’s History Month – Hedy Lamaar

Celebrating Women’s History Month – Hedy Lamaar Any classic movie buffs out there? Being women’s history month, team CB wanted to highlight one interesting and inspiring curly in history, and there is no place more fun to start than in Hollywood. Webster’s dictionary defines the term “triple threat” as “a person that is adept in three different fields of activity.” Nobody deserves the term applied to them more than legendary actress Hedy Lamarr. She was born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler in 1914 in Vienna, Austria. After starring in German, Czech, and Austrian films in the early 1930s, she left an abusive marriage to a man with Nazi ties in 1937. She fled to London, was discovered, and ended up starring in her first Hollywood role in 1938. She was billed as “the world’s most beautiful woman” during her movie career (we can see why!). Some of her notable roles were […]

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You Aren’t Beautiful Despite Your Hair; You’re Beautiful Because of it.

beautiful curls wash curl boutique maine

Almost all curlies have that defining moment when we choose – or were forced to choose – to decide our curls are unpretty.

I felt completely crushed and embarrassed. I knew she was talking specifically about my hair. It just looked… poofy, frizz springing out of every curl. Almost all curlies have that defining moment when we choose – or were forced to choose – to decide our curls are unpretty, unruly, crazy, out of control, less-than, had a mind of their own… the list goes on. For me, this was that moment. From that day forward I spent the entirety of my childhood using clippers to buzz my little curls off. For about five years I even shaved my head entirely bald. Anything to get rid of my “ugly” hair…

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Concerning the History of Hair Discrimination

We want to begin this post by addressing something important: we are two white women writing this blog. This is not our history and these are not our stories. We are not here to take space, but rather, to shine light on the discrimination that has relentlessly afflicted and harmed BIPOC communities. While we can – to an extent – relate and empathize with the experience of having curly hair, we will never truly be able to comprehend or feel the oppression that people of color with curly hair have.

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How to Sleep with Your Curls

sleeping curly hair tips

“There is time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep” Homer, The Odyssey Sleeping with curly locks doesn’t have to be as tricky or daunting as it’s sometimes made out to be. There are endless hacks and tricks you can utilize to achieve great curl-results when you wake up in the morning. Also, keep in mind that each of these techniques work for certain curlies but may not for you! It’s all about finding what does work for you – and doing that to the best of your ability. So catch up on those Zzzz’s 😴 and wake up with the curls of your dreams! What are you resting your head on? A major factor affecting how your curls look when you wake up isn’t so much your type of curl, but rather, what your curls are resting on. We suggest using satin pillowcases! Satin is […]

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