Don’t be Scared! 3 Tips to Refresh your Curls

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Don’t be Scared! 3 Tips to Refresh your Curls

Ah, the holy grail of refreshing your hair. The key to living a carefree, wake-up-and-go curl life. Maybe you’re a refresh pro (look at you and your seven-day curls!) or perhaps this is your first time hearing the term “refresh” (wait… you don’t have to wash your curls every morning?!). Either way, we’ve got the steps for you to master the art of refreshing to gain back precious minutes in your getting ready routine. Winning!

curly hair refresh day seveen
get these curls to last two, three, four days and beyond.

Look at you & your 7-day curls!

So, what is refreshing exactly? For curlies that have not yet heard, refreshing is the practice of using as little time, tools, and product as possible to reshape and maintain your curls well after wash day. In essence, it’s getting more wear from your hair to avoid starting from scratch every morning (or afternoon/night, whatever your schedule is!). You, too, can achieve defined, frizz-free[ish] curls with little to no effort. Don’t believe us? Read on!

Get more wear from your hair and avoid starting from scratch every morning.


Personal question for you: how’s your sleep routine? Are you considering taking care of your curls before bedtime? If so, you’ve already mastered tip 1 for a successful refresh routine. To best protect your curls while you catch those zzz’s, you’ll want to figure out the best way to keep them intact. This will set you up for success when you’re finally ready to refresh. Team Curl Boutique recommends pineappling or double-pineappling your curls, using a buff or bonnet, or sleeping on a satin pillowcase (all available through our online store). Bonus points for combining a satin pillowcase with the aforementioned methods for ultimate curl-protection. ICYMI, read more about sleeping with your curls from our previous CB blog post.

sleeping with curly hair pineapple

Are you considering taking care of your curls before bedtime?


If your curls are fine, fluffy, or on the thinner side, a wet refresh may be for you. Wet refreshing entails using mostly water to clump and redefine your curls. For this method, you’ll want to grab your trusty spray bottle, flour sack towel, and your favorite gel. Simply section your curls to target frizzy or undefined sections, using your water bottle to totally drench each section as you go. Once dripping wet, use prayer hands to apply a thin coat of gel. Finally, don’t forget to scrunch with your flour sack towel. Move section by section until your curls are wet, gelled, and refreshed! Once dry, you’ll be on your way to rocking third, fourth, and hopefully even fifth, six, seven day curls and beyond!

how to refresh curly hair
grab your spray bottle and get those curls wet

Wet refreshing entails using mostly water to clump and redefine your curls.


Thick, coarse curls tend to hold their shape more easily than our fine curlies. For this reason, a dry refresh is usually exactly what thicker curlies can do to get their hair ready for the day. In this case, all you need is your favorite filler product; go on and grab your foam or creme, or even a leave-in conditioner. No water needed! To begin, similar to wet refreshing, you want to section your hair to target the areas you feel need help (frizzier and/or stringier sections). Use roughly half the normal amount you’d use on wash day for your product to ensure proper product usage without getting heavy. Emulsify thoroughly by rubbing in between your palms before using prayer hands or the roping method to distribute over your sectioned curls. Once you’ve covered all of your curls, you’re ready to go (and you don’t even have any dry time, woo!).

emulsify curly hair refresh

All you need for a dry refresh is your favorite filler product.

As with many curly hair tips, hacks, and routines, it’s all about trial and error. If one method doesn’t work for you, try another! Also, remember practice makes progress (perfection is never the goal, curl). You can even make small tweaks to suit your lifestyle or curl pattern – whatever works. If you keep trying, you’ll eventually find the right combination that will allow you and your curls to live your best life. 

curly hair how to
best life curls

Make small tweaks to suit your lifestyle or curl pattern – whatever works. 

Now go on with your refreshed self, curlfriend! 

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