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“There is time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep” Homer, The Odyssey

Sleeping with curly locks doesn’t have to be as tricky or daunting as it’s sometimes made out to be. There are endless hacks and tricks you can utilize to achieve great curl-results when you wake up in the morning. Also, keep in mind that each of these techniques work for certain curlies but may not for you! It’s all about finding what does work for you – and doing that to the best of your ability. So catch up on those Zzzz’s 😴 and wake up with the curls of your dreams!

What are you resting your head on?

A major factor affecting how your curls look when you wake up isn’t so much your type of curl, but rather, what your curls are resting on. We suggest using satin pillowcases! Satin is a blended weave of smooth fibers that your curls glide over and will not snag on. A surprisingly big contributor to that morning frizz-bomb 💣 you sometimes get can be attributed to the fabric your hair interacts with throughout your slumber. Avoid flannel and cotton as they have textured fibers, the main culprit when it comes to snags and frizz. Silk can be used in place of satin, but we prefer satin as it’s 100% man-made and does not absorb oils from the hair. Also, satin pillowcases are relatively inexpensive – score!

Pineapple or buff?

How you choose to sleep with your curls is just as important as what you choose to sleep on! We have two, revered sleeping tricks at the Curl Boutique: the pineapple and the buff! 

To pineapple hair, flip your head upside down and gather curls on the top of your head (as if you’re putting it up in a super-high bun), but keep it open at the top instead of “closing” it off – so it resembles a pineapple 🍍! We suggest using no-pull satin hair elastic or scrunchie. If you find this method doesn’t give you the results you’re hoping for, you can instead try sleeping with a buff. A buff is a rectangular piece of fabric that encases your curls in a cone-like shape. It looks a bit funny! But, the buff can be extremely effective for curl types that are very tightly coiled and prone to frizz. As with styling methods, it’s all about finding what works for you and your texture type!

Okay, I’m awake. Now what?! 

protect your curls sleeping

Good morning, curly! Ready to take on the day? First let’s take your curls out of their sleeping bags and wake them up. It’s all about refreshing now (note: if your pineapple, pillowcase, or buff was super-effective, you may not even need any refreshing!). Let those curls go wild – take out your scrunchies, buffs, or other sleeping apparatus. Grab a spray bottle filled with your favorite product-and-water concoction, or your favorite curl-safe product(s), and go to town. Flip your head upside down and spritz away, or, use your own tried and true refresh methods. We love using several different products when we refresh, like Innersense’s Refresh Dry Shampoo Foam and even mousse can be very effective in livening up your locks (see: DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam or Original Moxie Pop Life). Whatever you use, don’t forget to use LOTS of water! Remember that at the end of the day, sometimes all your curls need is a simple reforming and rehydrating spray of water plus conditioner with your continuous mist bottle! Try several combinations and techniques until you find the right refreshing routine for your curls. You got this!

In curl-clusion…

teaching how to sleep with curls hair care

Don’t lose hope if it doesn’t work out for you the first (or fifth!) time. Using a combination of these tricks, you’ll figure out your own routines to optimize your curls. Also, keep in mind that we’ve heard more times than we can count how curlies love their second and third day hair the most! Learn to love your imperfections and rock your functional frizz. You’ll get there! Curls are truly an individualistic attribute we’re blessed with; it’s about discovering what works the very best for you.

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