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Hello Curlfriend, 

As of Friday, May 1, salons in the State of Maine have been permitted to reopen. We are soft-launching on Monday, May 4 under strict sanitization and social distancing guidelines provided by the state. We are working diligently to contact backlogged clients that we will try our absolute best to get in as soon as possible. Expect us to be in touch very soon and thank you again for your continued patience.

What a challenging, disorienting, and humbling past six weeks we’ve had. Since we’ve seen you last, a lot has changed. Read here for details regarding how we are reopening in a safe and thoughtful way, and what to expect if you will be in the salon over the next month.

These procedures will be in place until June 1, at which time the State of Maine will likely release new guidelines. We will assess at that time and let you know if anything changes. If you have any questions at any time we encourage you to reach out at your convenience via phone, text, email, or social media. If you are not willing to abide by our guidelines you will not be allowed to receive services.

If you are unable or unwilling to be in the salon, we respect your decision 100%. We ask that you reach out to let us know that you do not plan to be there for your scheduled time so we can release the appointment. 

Finally, we want to once again thank all of our curlies for the compassion, support, and kindness that has poured out over the past month and a half. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. You’re the reason we missed being in the salon so much, and why we are so eager to get back to doing what we love.


The Curl Boutique Team ♡ 

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