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by Sammy Krupski

Have you ever come home from a classic Maine beach day and loved the way salt, sun, and water gave you that tousled, tropical look? Perhaps you wake up with your second (or third, or fourth, or fifth…) day curls and love that undone, natural look? Or maybe it’s even been a particularly windy day and your hair has that beautiful, imperfectly-perfect style? Well, say hello to products the Curl Boutique considers as tried and true to help you achieve that chic-yet-carefree, summery style (including how-tos and more)!

Original Moxie’s Sweet Poof Volumizing Spray

sweet poof by Original Moxie

As OM’s website states, it’s a sea salt spray that’s like a volcano for your hair! Irish Moss volumizes, while natural humectants and proteins plump and strengthen individual strands. This mighty spray is the perfect product for creating beach waves, dramatic runway textures, or just adding hold and lift to your everyday style. 

It’s a sea salt spray that’s like a volcano for your hair!

How-to: first, give this sweet spray a good shake! You can then spray it onto wet hair, focusing on your roots for the maximum lift. Finally, give a soft scrunch and then air dry (or simulate air-drying) to create those natural waves and amplify curls. 

Insider Tip: Team CB likes to use this as a finishing spray for any curl.

(for full deets, click here!)


cult and king curly hair products

C+K explains JELLY is a pink Himalayan salt infusion of goodness! Any curl can achieve volume, texture, moisture, and hold with this versatile creme’s three key salts. PS: JELLY is Gluten-Free! As a bonus, C+K is a company that is free from toxins, conglomerates, and throwaway culture.

A pink Himalayan salt infusion of goodness!

How-to: For air-dried, hand-styled, scrunched-out curl magic, work this product through your hair starting at the roots. The more, the bigger (and you know we love BIG curls!). Your curls and scalp will thrive with the hand-application as well as JELLY’s natural, non-toxic power. You’re going to fall in love with the natural, manageable volume and endless hold.

Insider Tip: Team CB likes to use this as a refresher on day two curls and beyond.

(for full deets, click here!)

Innersense’s I Create Waves

I Create Waves Innersense

Speaking of pink Himalayan salt, Innersense’s spray adds texture and enhances waves/curls with similar, proven benefits of the rock salt. I Create Waves gives curlies beautiful, touchable, soft hair, while fulfilling every curl’s dream: the lived-in texture look. This powerhouse product is rich in minerals and amethyst crystal. Aloe vera replenishes moisture, as well, a much-needed benefit in the hot summer months.

Fulfills every curl’s dream: the lived-in texture look.

How-to: Spray this salty wonder on damp or dry hair, and scrunch your ends in an upward motion to shape waves and reactivate texture. From there, curls can air dry or diffuse! I Create Waves is ideal for all curl types and textures.

Insider Tip: Team CB tucks this into our beach bags to apply post-ocean dip.

(for full deets, click here!)

For any of these products, visit the Curl Boutique’s online store, or stop by! Until then, long live summer waves and volume ☀️☀️☀️

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