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Meet the Curl Boutique Team

One thing that makes the Curl Boutique so unique is that we’re a team-based salon - and proud of it! As a small, specialty, boutique salon, each of our team members is trained to cut, color, and style your curls. In fact, you will most likely interact with and be serviced by each member of our team during your appointment. We also encourage clients to book with any stylist when scheduling appointments. This structure demonstrates and cultivates our supportive and collaborative culture.

Our team members support each other relentlessly through their actions, decisions, and words because we are all working towards the same goal: providing you with the very best in curly hair services, every time.

Get to know the Curl Boutique team!

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Founder, Owner, and Lead Curl Specialist




Curl Specialist


Strategies Coach

Sammy Krupski

Sammy Krupski


Sammy is beyond excited to welcome you to the Curl Boutique. Sammy fatefully met Debbi while working the cash register at a local licensed beauty supply store. With her warm personality and vast product knowledge, Debbi knew she would be an asset to the ever-growing team. It wasn't long before Sammy's first day at the Curl Boutique, and after that, she was becoming a client favorite. Sammy came aboard to support and work alongside the incredibly passionate and talented staff, and because she is currently pursuing her cosmetology license. Cosmetology is a true, long-standing love of Sammy's, and she often studies new techniques or products in her spare time. She also is part of the curl family with long, naturally curly hair!

Sammy believes that what makes the Curl Boutique so unique and beloved is the specialized, exclusive, curl-focused approach delivered via education, experience, and skills. She enjoys the atmosphere in the salon where, as an apprentice, she gets to learn while simultaneously working with clients. Sammy has a spirit for service and she looks forward to meeting you!

Get to Know Sammy!

  • I love… fashion, beauty (makeup, skincare, fragrance), traveling and exploring, thrift shopping, horror films, video games, being independent and making people feel beautiful and more confident, inside and out!
  • My specialty is… I like to think I have great people skills and can keep a conversation going! I also love making others laugh and smile.
  • My favorite apps… Amazon, Starbucks, and eBay.
  • My guilty pleasures are… Pokémon and Downton Abbey… hehe!
  • I must read/follow/listen to… books and poetry by Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton, stories by H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, art and photography by Cindy Sherman, Louise Bourgeois, Marilyn Minter, John Willie, Hans Bellmer, and Guy Bourdin, and designers Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler, and Lanvin.
  • My daily essentials are… coffee, candles, Tom Ford cologne, Madonna, and oh - did I mention coffee?! I also cherish having downtime to recharge and relax daily!
  • To me, education is… vital to our growth, and helps us to evolve and adapt!
  • My approach to curls is… "embrace what you have - naturally!"
  • My must-have life tools are… a sketchbook, music, the latest fashion magazine, and a latte (or three!).
  • I find inspiration from… unexpected places. It seems to happen most when I'm not even looking for it.
  • What's it like to work in a team-based salon? Inclusive, inspiring, and full of endless possibilities for everyone!
  • My favorite meme/GIF is… 

Maddie Love Curl Boutique

Maddy Love

Curl Specialist

Maddy has been obsessed with cosmetology and fashion for what feels like forever. As the daughter of a hair stylist, and the youngest of three sisters who are equally into beauty, pouring over make-up and hair tutorials on the internet as a young girl felt natural. Growing up, Maddy’s outlook on her hair has always been experimental, trying dyes, wigs, extensions, and hot tools to change-up her style on demand. It was not until recently that she felt a desire to accept her hair in its natural state, and to figure out tips and techniques to make her own curls versatile and exciting. Since joining the Curl Boutique team in the spring of 2019, Maddy has been enjoying learning about the world of curly hair, working hard to understand the science and philosophies behind it all.

A true lover of learning, Maddy is currently a full time student at the University of Southern Maine, in addition to the education she is receiving at the salon. She loves to work with people and is excited to combine her service-oriented mindset with the styling skills she is developing!

Get to Know Maddy!

  • I love…science and my cats!
  • My specialty is… gift giving. I am an amazing gifter! The secret is being a good listener, so I guess that might be my REAL specialty.
  • My favorite app is…Pinterest. I could scroll my life away on Pinterest.
  • My guilty pleasures are… the smell of bacon... I’ve been a vegetarian since 2011 🐷.
  • I must read/follow/listen to… @isthisyourclient on Instagram never fails to get a laugh.
  • My daily essentials are…chai tea, chapstick, and lashes.
  • To me, education is…rewarding. I love learning and am currently pursuing a human bio degree at the University of Southern Maine.
  • My approach to curls is… patience. The Curly Girl method isn’t an overnight miracle. It takes time for your curls to heal. Give it six months and you’ll see progress. Give it two years and you’ll feel like a whole new person.
  • My must-have life tools are… I Create Finish (a serious game changer), and my cutting apron with a ruffle.
  • I find inspiration from…Cleantok. I love to watch videos of people cleaning their spaces to get motivated to clean my own.
  • What's it like to work in a team-based salon? It’s really fun to be in a team based salon! I prefer working with people and enjoy collaboration, so it fits my style perfectly.
  • My favorite meme/GIF is… 


Melany Curl Boutique

Melany Levesque


Melany grew up in hair salons; as the daughter of a stylist, she'd often sweep floors, stock products, and answer phones when hanging out in the salon after school or on weekends. This instilled a love for all things beauty at a very young age. However, despite having a talented hairstylist mama (and a thing for every product under the sun), Melany never felt her hair was beautiful when curly. Like most naturally curlies, Melany only felt presentable when her hair was pin-straight or manipulated into barrel curls from irons. Though her curly-haired mom caught the "go natural" bug while Melany was still in college, it took her a long time to actually buy into it. Only when she thought about how she could inspire others to embrace their natural hair did she decide to jump on the wagon - and she's never looked back!

Professionally, Melany has had experience in hospitality, customer service, project management, youth work, and operations. She is eager to bring her skills to the Curl Boutique team and feels driven by how the salon has inspired so many people to embrace and love their own curls.

Get to Know Melany!

  • I love… food, traveling, music, movies, fashion, sleep, health and fitness, my boyfriend, family, and friends, and my 12-year-old pit bull.
  • My specialty is… all things operations! I've geeked out over calendars, planning, and logistics since I was very little, starting when I provided my friends with an agenda for a sleepover when I was nine (seriously).
  • My favorite app is… Snapchat, Spotify, UberEats, Maps, and Bed Time Fan.
  • My guilty pleasures are… junk food 😣!
  • I must read/follow/listen to… NPR's Up First, Gemini Today, Last Podcast on the Left, True Crime Obsessed, Disgraceland, Rebecca Black every Friday, and any inspirational memoir.
  • My daily essentials are… water, coffee, ROMWOD, good food, the news, and any amount of time spent outside.
  • To me, education is… vital and ongoing. I love to learn about anything and everything.
  • My approach to curls is… to embrace them. It's taken me a very long time, but I feel so lucky to have curly hair. It's unique and a part of who I am.
  • My must-have life tools are… Blistex, my phone (ugh), my morals, a supportive group of friends and family, and gratitude, always.
  • I find inspiration from…bo$$ ladies who are unapologetically authentic and driven like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Michelle Obama, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Gloria Steinem, and my mama.
  • What's it like to work in a team-based salon? It's everything. I love the collaboration, support, and vibe of teams.
  • My favorite meme/GIF is…

bat gif be there in 5 are you ready

Barbara Pierce strategy coach

Barbara Pierce

Strategies Coach

Barbara's career began in education. Her love of learning and educating others quickly became her passion. In 2001, Barbara joined the beauty industry when she met and married Brett Pierce, who along with his family owns a successful salon in Huntsville, AL. Since then, Barbara has come to admire and embrace the beauty industry and has combined her respect and knowledge of the beauty industry with her passion for education to help others develop growth and performance in their own company.

Whether teaching or working in the salon, Barbara lives by the No-Compromise Leadership principles. As a Certified Strategies Coach, she faces every challenge with a positive outlook. "I just want everyone to know the joy of setting goals and reaching them." Barbara believes the systems and methods taught by Strategies will empower business leaders and equip them to overcome any obstacle. "Our introduction to Strategies all those years ago was a turning point for our company that sparked a period of positive change and growth for us." Now enjoying the challenges that come with opening a new salon location, Barbara is excited to bring her educational skills and salon management knowledge to businesses seeking to achieve their maximum potential.

  • I love… to keep 'em laughing.
  • My specialty is… being a social chameleon. I love meeting people across a variety of cultures, and I feel like I can fit-in well regardless of social situation.
  • My favorite app is… Instacart! Bring me my groceries!!!
  • My guilty pleasures are…  the Young and the Restless and SO MUCH chocolate!
  • I must read/follow/listen to… anything Simon Sinek, Donald Miller, Karin Slaughter for the non-fiction. 
  • My daily essentials are… a vat of moisturizer and snugs with my dogs 🐶 🐶 🐶.
  • To me, education is… essential - once the learning stops, the life deteriorates.
  • My approach to curls is… envy laced with a little resentment (I'm sadly NOT a curly girl!).
  • My must-have life tools are… mad organizational skills and caffeine.
  • I find inspiration from… when someone feeds me 🙂
  • What’s it like to work in a team-based salon? Liberating! You know someone always has your back, there is always support, and everyone is rowing in the same direction. Once you see a real team in action, you can't unsee it. Team has a breath and life and body that's absent in so many other workplace settings.
  • My favorite meme/GIF is…

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