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One of the most empowering and gratifying decisions a curly can make is to stop resenting or bemoaning their uniqueness and start embracing their natural hair. How beautiful are each and every one of our twists, coils, swaves, and waves? We love you and your curls, and we want you to do the same ♡

We created the Curly Hair Blog to make space for curl love, support, encouragement, and of course, insider-tips. After all, the world taught you to hide your curls, but we exist to teach you to love them.

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An Open Letter of Apology to All Curly Hair Clients we Have Unintentionally Betrayed.

Curlfriends, we’re sorry. We’re so sorry. We’re your hairstylists, your confidants, your beauty mentors, your friends. We know you. You’ve sat in our chairs throughout your life. You see us in winter, spring, summer, and fall, in the sunshine, snowstorms, and everything in between (#MAINE). You’ve trusted us during your highs: curl-discoveries, curl journeys, new relationships, enduring relationships, curl-friendships, engagements, newfound independence, pregnancies, weddings, promotions, career-changes, relocations, vacations, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, confidence building, milestones, and achievements. You’ve sought us out in life’s many hardships, and we’ve been honored to walk alongside you through various challenges. We know how you like your coffee. We can part your hair perfectly. We’ve scrubbed your scalp. And we must admit, though never intentionally, we’ve lied to you. We’ve misled you. We’ve brought you down a path that was not the best for you or your curls.

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Beauty Begins the Moment You Decide to Become Yourself

Walking into the Curl Boutique, it’s hard not to notice the quote prominently displayed above our wash station: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to become yourself.” It’s Coco Chanel, and we love it because inside our salon, in our own chairs, we see that exact moment happen for clients each time we clip the last curl, give them a good fluff, and turn the chair. Looking straight into the mirror, they fall a little more in love with their hair – and themselves.

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